State of the art solutions for cleaning water reservoirs and tunnels

W. Giertsen Water Technology

W. Giertsen Vannteknologi successfully cleaned the two first tunnel basins for theMunicipality of Bergen 2H 2020. Over the next years we will clean the remaining reservoirs in the extensive network of tunnels and basins surrounding Norway's second largest city with a population of approximately 300.000.

We are presently discussing cleaning other waterworks' reservoirs and are preparing to build a second TROV. Thereafter we envision a fleet of TROVs. Together with our experienced organization an initial assessment of access, civil works and sediment characteristics in the respective water tunnel is performed. Based on customer needs we are prepared to develop custom-fit solutions.

Norwegian authorities estimate that 320bn NOK will be spent on upgrading the national drinking water and waste water infrastructure over the next 20 years. W. Giertsen will invest further to develop innovative solutions that solve tomorrow's challenges in a sustainable and efficient manner. Initial market survey indicates similar cleaning needs in waterworks in many large cities. Typically, the infrastructure is 100 to 150 years old. Faced with the prohibitively large investment of replacing water and sewage systems it makes sense both economically and from a sustainability perspective to invest in state-of-the-art cleaning as an alternative.

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State of the art solutions for cleaning water reservoirs and tunnels

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