A strong and authentic Norwegian group

With over 140 years of innovation and growth

Our Vision

Our group of companies are all based on the same values which have characterized W. Giertsen for more than 140 years. Deep understanding of customer needs leads us to solutions in which we combine robust engineering with practical workmanship.

A recurring theme in our enterprises is protecting the assets of our customers. Depending on the needs of our customers, W. Giertsen provides protection via water proofing or shelter, cleaning or cooling. The ultimate benefit is to offer stable conditions that protect and preserve property.

Our history

Building on our present solutions, we are always looking for new ways to offer protection to our customers by constantly developing our solutions and application. The ability to adapt is crucial to not only survive but also improve through generations.

A case in point is the journey from sailmakers, to industrial halls that later were mounted with solar panels thus entering the expanding market of renewable energy. Our ambition is to make similar journeys in parallel with evolving customer needs in all our companies.

Åpenhetsloven (in Norwegian) is below:

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A robust, Norwegian industrial group of companies committed to develop businesses and value-creating ownership

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